<tc>Collection</tc>: ARCUCCI CERAMICS

 Amber Interiors proudly presents this special Italian ceramics brand. The Arcucci Ceramics collection ranges from luxurious ceramic tableware to special handmade and painted decorative items. All items are designed and produced in-house in Italy. Please find an interesting video below about the creation of these beautiful luxury ceramic products.


Arcucci Ceramics - handmade ceramic tableware and objects

Arcucci Ceramics was founded in 1981, in the heart of Tuscany, through the passion and entrepreneurship in design of its founder Giuseppe Arcucci. Specialized in handmade ceramic tableware and objects, the company has become a success throughout Europe since the 1990s. Since 2010, they have only made 100% Italian products, so the designation "made in Italy" now applies to all their ceramics. Each item gets the exclusive "Arcucci Ceramics" stamp on the bottom so you can be guaranteed an authentic product.

Arcucci Ceramics - a craftsmanship

Ceramics or majolica has its origins in Mallorca, where the Arabs established an extensive production of pottery. The clay, glaze, paint and color pigments consist of earth. Earth, as a dry and cold element, likes to combine with the other cold but moist element, water. Water purifies the earth, making it plastic and malleable, suitable for both artistic and industrial purposes. Like porcelain, the ceramic is first fired into biscuit form at 750-800 °C, after which it is enamelled and fired again at 850-1100 °C. By using lower temperatures, majolica or ceramic can produce vibrant and brilliant colors and glazes.

Cups and plates are usually manufactured on a lathe or press. Nowadays they are usually pressed with advanced automatic equipment. Coffee pots, jugs, sugar bowls or oval pieces are made by casting. Plaster molds are used for turning, pressing and casting, because this material absorbs the water from the wet clay mass. The ceramic then shrinks, making it easy to pull out of the mold. This process requires both skill and accuracy, as well as special technical training.

Arcucci Ceramics is manufactured by reaching the highest temperatures allowed, which gives our objects shine and variety of color. In addition, it is so robust that it can easily be used in the dishwasher and microwave and is highly resistant to impacts. Arcucci Ceramics strength lies in brushstrokes, spots of color, small natural imperfections, depressions and ripples in the surface that are deliberately present to bring together the centuries-old craft experience of their master decorators. Each piece is unique and different as a testament to its authenticity, similar but never the same.

The manufacture of these products takes place using traditional processes. Arcucci ceramic objects are crafted in various shapes and then glazed and decorated, with a white or red base, rich artisanal glaze with native minerals. They are then manually decorated with a wide range of warm and vibrant colors obtained from natural oxides. Arcucci Ceramics luxury tableware and decorative objects are recognized as classics for the table and kitchen, providing artistic references in a sunny Mediterranean way that have enchanted and fascinated the most diverse and demanding customers.