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Adding a luxurious rug to your living space can be one of the simplest yet most effective ways to bring the entire space together. A rug from our collection adds so much more than warmth to a room. At Amber Interiors you will find the highest quality rugs to complement any interiors style in your home.

Luxury rugs

Materials for luxury rugs

Luxury rugs can be made from various high-quality materials, which material you choose will depend on your living situation. For example, you can pay attention to appearance, sustainability or budget. Scapa Home luxury is also very important and therefore uses the most luxurious materials. The two most luxurious materials for rugs are wool and silk. Wool is a popular material for rugs because of its warmth and softness. Wool feels wonderfully warm on your feet and is ideal for your living room or bedroom. Wool rugs can vary in quality, but luxury wool rugs are made from high-quality, fine wool. Hemp is also a luxurious material. It is an incredibly sustainable fabric that requires little land, water and no chemicals. The hemp is antibacterial so odors and mold will not occur.

Luxury rug with or without patterns?

A rug can really make or break a room. It is important to look carefully at your living space to see what type of luxury rug will suit your home. A busy living space will benefit enormously from a quieter rug. For example, if you have a luxurious coffee table or a playful luxurious ottoman in the room, it is better to choose a simple rug to keep the attention on your real showpieces. But of course you can also turn it around! If you decorate your home neutrally, a rug can add more life to your living space, for example by using a nice pattern. At Amber Interiors we also take this into account, which is why we have many types of patterns in our collection.

Luxury collection of rugs at Amber Interiors

At Amber Interiors you can find a wide range of Scapa Home rugs. These luxurious rugs come in different colors and styles to suit any living space. Round, square, small, large? No problem. You can find everything in our range. If you like real luxury you've come to the right place.