<tc>Collection</tc>: PINETTI

Amber Interiors proudly presents the exclusive leather brand Pinetti in our interior accessories collection. Pinetti is a first-class Italian brand that makes handmade luxury leather accessories in the finest qualities of leather. Many of these chic accessories can be made to measure and in many types of leather and colours. Pinetti's authentic designs shine in the most exclusive places around the world. They not only exude class, but also exude the heritage and lifestyle of an Italian family.



Pinetti stands for artisanal luxury leather accessories

Pinetti combines artisanal mastery with timeless elegance and tradition with innovation. Since the 1980s, Pinetti has focused on reusing excess leather. An example of this is the Antibes leather used for their baskets and made from 80% recycled leather, resulting in high-quality leather that is water and UV resistant. Pinetti's distinctive design is the result of the long-term experience of their own design team, which over the years has led to the development of extensive timeless collections in decorative accessories from photo frames and trays to storage baskets and board games. The passion, flair and research of Pinetti's designers have led to prestigious international recognitions. It is a beautiful collection that is fantastic to give but also great to receive. Discover and share in the magic of Pinetti's luxury leather accessories for your home!