<tc>Collection</tc>: Luxury bath mats

After a shower shower, there is nothing better than stepping onto a luxurious bath mat instead of the cold floor. A luxurious bath mat from Scapa Home not only brings comfort, but will also look beautiful in your bathroom. At Amber Interiors you will undoubtedly find a luxurious bath mat that will meet all your wishes.
Luxury bath mats

Luxury bath mat types and materials

The luxurious bath mats at Amber Interiors can be divided into two categories. The most popular way is a rug for your bathroom. These luxurious bath mats are made of cotton or polyolefin. Polyolefin rugs are durable and water resistant. They are not as soft as cotton, but stay clean and fresh longer. Larger, sturdier towels are also used as a luxurious bath mat, which is often seen in hotels, for example, but these towels are also perfect for smaller bathrooms. They are easy to move and also easy to wash. These luxury bath mats are made in the same material as our luxury towels, 100% cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture well and feels soft on your feet. In addition, cotton can be washed well in the washing machine and lasts a long time. A luxurious fabric perfect for your bathroom.

Luxury bath mat for safety

When you get out of the shower or bath, it can be incredibly slippery in the bathroom, not only are you wet, but it is moist from the steam of the hot water. You still often hear that people hurt themselves because they slipped in the bathroom, but of course no one wants that. By placing a sturdy luxurious bath mat from Amber Interiors on the floor, you ensure that you and other family members will not slip in the bathroom.

Buy a luxury bath mat?

At Amber Interiors we have a wide collection of luxurious Scapa Home bath mats. These exclusive bath mats match perfectly with the luxury guest towels and towels from Scapa Home and will complete your bathroom. The luxurious bath mats are available in many different colors, sizes and patterns. They really suit any bathroom and will provide a luxurious look. Treat yourself today with a beautiful luxurious bath mat from Amber Interiors and experience daily luxury in your own bathroom.