<tc>Collection</tc>: Luxury guest towels

Are you looking for luxurious guest towels? You can find the most luxurious and softest guest towels at Amber Interiors. Not only are our pure cotton towels wonderful to touch, they also look beautiful in your bathroom. Take a quick look at our exclusive collection of guest towels.
Luxury guest towels

Luxury guest towels from Amber Interiors

The luxurious guest towels from Amber Interiors are from the brand Scapa Home . They are made of 100% cotton and feel wonderfully soft. Make your bathroom complete by adding the luxury towels and luxury bath mats from Scapa Home to combine with these chic guest towels. Because we ensure that the entire collection, but also more, is always available, you can be sure that you can make a nice match.

Why choose luxury guest towels?

Cotton towels from Amber Interiors can be used hundreds of times if you care for them properly. Cotton is known for not wearing out quickly. Follow the washing instructions for cotton and you really get your money's worth with these beautiful guest towels. If you have luxurious guest towels you can hang them beautifully on a towel rack . Our towels always look soft and sturdy, making your bathroom a lot more luxurious.

Best luxury guest towel materials

Luxury guest towels are available in many different fabrics, but cotton is the most popular luxury material. Cotton fibers have the natural ability to absorb water, which allows 100% cotton guest towels to dry well and feel warm. The Scapa Home towels at Amber Interiors are made of high-quality cotton. High-quality cotton ensures that the guest towels last even longer. They will feel softer, not wrinkle and radiate luxury.

Washing luxury guest towels

Our luxurious guest towels are made from 100% cotton. Wash the cotton towels at a maximum of 40 degrees to keep them soft and beautiful. It is recommended to let the towels air dry for a longer lifespan, but they can also be put in the dryer. The towels are already incredibly soft, so wash them whenever possible without fabric softener, so they remain nice and absorbent.