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Looking for luxurious towels? Take a quick look at our range! If you are longing for a nice hot shower in the evening after a long day at work and are looking for a comfortable, luxurious towel check the range from Amber Interiors. Nothing is better after your shower to wrap a nice, warm, soft towel around your body. We have the highest quality luxury towels to make your bathroom into a spa. 
Luxury towels

Hotel quality luxury towels

In the Amber Interiors range you will find luxurious towels of hotel quality! Hotel towels are always made of high-quality cotton. The standard towels in the store are often around 50x100 cm, but we also have soft, large hotel towels. Our luxurious towels can be ordered in various sizes. You can choose a standard towel of 50x100 cm, but also a large, luxurious towel of 70x140 cm. You can wrap the large, soft towels completely around your body to stay nice and warm at all times.

Best luxury towel materials

Towels are available in many different materials. Cotton is the most popular and luxurious towel material you can find. The high-quality cotton fibers in our towels have the natural ability to absorb water, allowing them to dry properly. But not all cotton towels are created equal. Scapa Home makes the softest and most absorbent towels.

Washing luxury towels

As already mentioned, true luxury towels are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is a sturdy fabric that will shrink slightly after the first wash. Wash the cotton towels at a maximum of 40 degrees to keep them soft and beautiful. It is recommended to let the towels air dry for a longer lifespan, but they can also be put in the dryer. If possible, wash the towels without fabric softener. Fabric softener has PDMS. PDMS is a substance that covers the towel fibers. When towels are soaked in this, they will lose their absorbency and become stiff and scratchy.

Luxury towels as decoration

When you hang our luxurious towels in your bathroom, they can also serve as showpieces. Thick, soft towels with a sleek finish look beautiful over, for example, a luxury towel rack or on a luxury side table. You can also have the colors matched to your bathroom to make your bathroom even more unique and luxurious. When guests use the towels, they will immediately notice how nice these luxurious towels are. All you have to do to make your towels look beautiful is give them a quick wash.

Buy luxurious towels at Amber Interiors

The luxurious towels at Amber Interiors are from the brand Scapa Home. Our towels come in 3 colors that suit every bathroom: sand, silver gray and optical white. Can be perfectly combined with the luxury bath mats from the same 'Mira' series. These towels will match beautifully with the color palette of your bathroom. They are available in 3 different sizes: the guest towel, the towel and the shower sheet. Made of 100% cotton and easily washable.