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Be inspired by the sustainable beauty of our luxurious glass vases at Amber interiors. The surprising versatility of these vases is immense. You can use them for flowers, as lanterns and even as a carafe. The collection of luxury vases from Scapa Home and Serax, some in collaboration with the well-known interior designer Piet Boon, fits in seamlessly with our vision; a special object, handmade, durable and functional. Which one are you going for?


The versatility of luxury glass vases

An exclusive vase is one of the most obvious ways to create atmosphere in your home. These handcrafted works of art combine craftsmanship, functionality and aesthetics to add a timeless allure to any interior. Every bouquet looks better when it is in a beautiful, mouth-blown vase. By the time the bouquet is ready for the green container, you can turn it into a luxury lantern by placing a candle in it. In some cases the vase can even serve as a water or wine carafe on a beautifully decorated table. And often exclusive vases are so special that they can serve as a solitary object and you can purely enjoy their beauty and design.

The atmosphere of a transparent or tinted vase

An intriguing feature of glass vases is their ability to play with light. Due to their transparency, they catch light rays, creating beautiful sparkles and shadows. Place a vase near the window or under artificial lighting and see what magical effect it has on the environment. This interplay of light makes these luxurious vases a striking object not only during the day but also in the evening. And by playing with tinted glass you create a different atmosphere. Transparent glass makes your space light and bright. The Scapa Home 'Lily' anthracite gray gives a more cozy and mysterious atmosphere with a bouquet or a candle.

Order a luxury vase from Amber Interiors

If you are looking for an exclusive vase or a special object, Amber Interiors is the right place for you. We would like to help you create the right atmosphere in your home. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us at info@amber-interiors.com.