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Add a touch of opulence to your living space with Amber Interiors exclusive collection of luxury leather and marble trays. Each tray is crafted with care, whether it is high-quality leather, refined marble or special ceramics. Whether serving delicacies or just for decorative purposes, these trays embody elegance and functionality. Transform your space with the timeless allure of our unique trays, where luxury and style come together.



Discover the luxury of exclusive leather, marble and ceramic trays

Add a touch of elegance and style to your interior with our exclusive collection of leather, marble and ceramic trays. These sophisticated trays are not only functional accessories, but also statement pieces that transform your living space into an oasis of luxury and sophistication.

Leather trays are stylishly versatile

Our exclusive leather trays combine craftsmanship and aesthetics in a unique way. Made of high-quality leather, they radiate warmth and luxury. These trays are not only perfect for serving drinks or snacks, but they also serve as a chic decorative accent. At Pinetti you can choose from a range of colors and leather textures to seamlessly match your personal style.

Marble trays stand for timeless class

Marble is synonymous with timeless elegance, and our marble trays are no exception. With beautiful veins and high-quality workmanship, these trays add a touch of luxury to any occasion. Ideal for presenting fine cheese boards or displaying decorative items, our Serax marble trays will bring a touch of classic beauty to your home.

Ceramic trays provide artistic refinement

Be inspired by our exclusive ceramic trays that take artistic sophistication to the next level. With hand-painted designs and unique patterns, these trays are not only practical but also true works of art. Add a contemporary flair to your dining or living room with these creations from Serax or Pinetti.

Why choose our exclusive collection of trays?

-Each tray in our collection has been carefully selected for its unique style and character. Furthermore, at Amber Interiors we strive for perfection and use only the highest quality materials to ensure durability and aesthetics.
-Whether you're looking for a stylish leather tray for your living room or a classic marble tray for your dining table, our collection offers versatile options for every taste and need.
Add a touch of class to your home with our exclusive collection of leather, marble and ceramic trays. Discover the perfect mix of functionality and luxury and upgrade your interior with these beautiful accessories. Order now from Amber Interiors and experience the refined world of exclusive trays.