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Looking for a beautiful and elegant vase? Then ceramic vases may be your answer. They are made of special clay with a glaze layer and have a unique style. Is a ceramic vase the perfect addition to your interior? Have a look at our collection now!

Buy a luxury ceramic vase

Would you like to give your home more class with one simple addition? Then choose a luxurious serax ceramic vase from Amber Interiors. When you buy a ceramic vase, you not only get a place for your flowers, but you also immediately get a showpiece in your home. We have carefully selected each of our vases for elegance and quality. The unique texture and deep colors of our ceramic vases add a touch of luxury to your home, while also exuding timeless elegance. At Amber Interiors we believe that a luxurious ceramic vase is more than a decorative element; it is a statement of your personal style and taste. Give your living room, dining room or even your bedroom a unique look with a beautiful vase from Amber Interiors and let your interior speak. Discover our exclusive collection today and find the perfect ceramic vase that fits perfectly in your home.

Luxury ceramic vases in different sizes and colors

Luxury ceramic vases in various sizes can make a huge difference in your interior. Whether you are looking for a small, elegant vase for your luxurious side table or a large, striking vase as the centerpiece of your living room, the variation in sizes offers a suitable option for every room. The color palettes of these vases are equally diverse; from deep, rich shades that add warmth and depth to soft, pastel colors that create a light and airy atmosphere. Each piece is unique, handcrafted by craftsmen who have mastered the art of ceramics to perfection. These vases are not only beautiful, but also durable, made to last and charm for generations. With luxurious ceramic vases you not only get a functional object, but also a work of art that gives your interior personality and style.

Order luxury ceramic vases from Amber Interiors

Are you looking for that one unique piece that gives your interior that little bit extra? At Amber Interiors you will find luxurious ceramic vases in different sizes and colors, perfect for every style and space. Our collection offers a diversity that is rare. From subtle pastel shades to powerful, deep colours, and from small, delicate vases perfect for a windowsill to large, statement pieces that can transform an entire room. Each piece in our collection is carefully made by real craftsmen, which provides a unique touch in your home. No vase is the same! Our ceramic vases are not only intended to hold your favorite flowers, but are also a work of art in themselves. They combine functionality with an unmistakable style. With a luxurious ceramic vase from Amber Interiors you bring an element into your home that radiates timeless elegance. Let your interior speak with a beautiful vase that reflects your personal taste. Discover our versatile collection now and find the vase that completes your home.

What is ceramic?

Ceramics are made of clay and other hard materials. Think of objects such as pots, vases, tiles and statues. The special thing is that they are all baked in an oven, which makes them rock hard. Some are truly works of art with beautiful colors and glazes, while others are more functional, like those mugs you drink your coffee out of in the morning. What few people know is that you encounter ceramics everywhere, from ancient Greek urns to modern kitchen cabinets.

Is ceramic sustainable?

Because ceramics are fired at high temperatures, the materials become very sturdy and last a long time. This means less chance of breakage, which is good for the environment. Moreover, ceramics are often recyclable. If you ever decide to get rid of your old mugs, they can be transformed into something new. Let's not forget that ceramics are also often made from natural materials.Ceramics therefore do not burden the earth. So quite sustainable!

How do you clean a ceramic vase?

Cleaning a ceramic vase is actually quite simple! Start by removing any dry dirt or dust with a soft brush or cloth. If there is stubborn dirt, you can use a mild detergent mixed with warm water. Scrub gently with a soft brush or sponge. That helps to loosen the dirt. Rinse the vase thoroughly with clean water to remove any detergent residue. Then let the vase dry thoroughly before putting it back in its place. Voila! Your ceramic vase is completely fresh and clean again!