<tc>Collection</tc>: DESIGNERS GUILD

The brand Designers Guild, founded in 1970 by Tricia Guild, designs and sells furniture fabrics, decorative cushions, wall coverings, upholstery and bed and bath collections worldwide. Designers Guild's corporate philosophy is to combine creativity and innovation with the highest levels of quality: quality of design, product, service and people.

Artistry, creativity and innovation are at the heart of the creative process at Designers Guild and are shaped by the guiding principle of lifestyle that continues to drive the company today. Each design starts with an idea or point of inspiration, often by Tricia Guild herself and is always developed with an artist's brush or pencil. These design ideas are derived from sources as diverse as oriental decorative arts, Italian architecture, flowers and nature to classical documents.
The designers collect ideas and paint and sketch, experiment and elaborate on ideas and themes to create a body of work that Guild directs, guides and ultimately edits it into a collection. The creative process can take up to two years from start to finish, and every step of the way, Guild will nudge, nurture and edit her design - shaping the designs into styles and looks that will eventually hit the market and will create remarkable trends. Armed with the edited designs, she works closely with the development team, identifying the best weavers, printers and manufacturers to translate the designs into various products. Since the early days of hand screen printing, the company now uses a variety of techniques and methods to achieve their goals – from rotary electroplating to state-of-the-art digital printing. This method allows greater design freedom and is so true to the original artwork that it has become a trademark of the company.