<tc>Collection</tc>: STEFANO RAFFA

Stefano Raffa is a craftsman who works without labels nor  boundaries. He says himself: “I have no limits, as soon as I imagine something I know that sooner or later I will develop it”. He elevates himself in complexity. Stefano makes luxury items such as shaving brushes, blades, knife blocks, boxes, furniture and accessories. He is half inventor, half carpenter. Actually a little bit of everything. You will understand that there is no label to put on him. He is a master of developing even before building. And to think that this occupation was almost born out of pleasure for him, less than 10 years ago. Earlier in life he was a photographer, with a passion for materials. One day he jumped from photography to the profession he now practices. In an original laboratory, with simple machines and enough space to work with his hands and his head, he transforms ordinary objects into art.