<tc>Collection</tc>: PHOTO FRAMES

Enrich your memories with Amber Interiors luxurious, handmade leather photo frames from Pinetti. Each photo frame is precision crafted in high-quality leather that adds a timeless elegance to capturing your precious moments. Italian leather brand Pinetti's artisanal approach ensures unique details, making each photo frame a work of art in itself. Add a touch of luxury to your interior and frame your most precious memories in style with our exclusive collection of leather handmade photo frames. Pinetti's photo frames can be ordered in many colors and sizes. Please contact us at info@amber-interiors.com. Dan and we will be happy to help you sort it out!


The added value of luxurious handmade leather photo frames

Framing photos in luxurious, handmade, leather photo frames from Pinetti adds an extra touch of exclusivity to the photos and transforms them into decorative objects in themselves. These beautiful photo frames combine craftsmanship with luxurious materials to create a refined and elegant look. The leather finish adds texture and warmth to the photo, while the artisanal design draws the eye and conveys a sense of exclusivity. By presenting photos in these photo frames, they become not only a display of precious memories, but also an aesthetic element that contributes to the decoration of any room. Whether in a living room, bedroom or office, Pinetti photo frames add a touch of luxury to the interior and create a distinctive accent that attracts attention and admiration.