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Luxury side tables are ideal for a comfortable living environment. You can place these nice tables anywhere. You can place them nicely next to the sofa in the living room, or next to your bed as a bedside table, it's all possible. Are you looking for a luxurious side table? View our surprising range below and choose your favorite one.

Luxury side tables

Luxury side tables shapes and materials

There are many types of luxurious side tables available at Amber Interiors. You have the more subtle side tables with a wooden surface that blend well in the living room. These tables fit in almost any living space and are extremely popular. They also have a simplistic shape and are often easy to slide away to create more space. It is now also a trend to place a slightly playful side table in your room. For example, consider stronger colors such as yellow, blue or pink. These playful side tables can also have different shapes such as a cylinder or hourglass shape. Unlike the subtle side tables, these can become the focal point of your room. The luxurious side tables from Scapa Home fit at home in every home, there is certainly something for everyone.

Combine luxury side table with

The nice thing about a luxurious side table is that you can combine it perfectly with the rest of your room. At Amber Interiors we ensure that you can mix and match our collections to bring your home together. By combining a side table with a luxury one, for example coffee table bring so much more style to your room without making it busy. You can also combine it well with the colors of your curtains, sofa or a luxury ottoman . Luxury side tables are so versatile that you can actually place them anywhere.

More than a side table

As mentioned earlier, a side table can not only be used as a table, but also as much more. Most homeowners will purchase a side table to place in the sitting area, but there are so many more options. A luxurious side table can look great in the bathroom next to the bathtub, or as a bedside table next to your bed. Another useful function of a luxurious side table made of ceramic, such as the one from Serax , is that you also like it stool can use.

How to choose the perfect luxury side table

To find the perfect side table for you, it is important to keep several things in mind. Fortunately, most side tables have the same size, they are compact, which makes them easy to move. Make sure that they fit well in terms of shape. Fortunately, we have all shapes of side tables in our collection to choose from. There are massive side tables that are sturdy, but perhaps a slimmer model is more convenient in your home. This way you can easily slide in a lighter model with, for example, a coffee table. Once you know what shape you are looking for, you will have to look at how you want to use the side table. Is the side table intended to put your glasses and snacks on, or is it intended to be used as a stool, for example? A sturdy side table from Serax can be perfectly used as a side table, but also as a stool or to place a luxury vase. Finally, it is important to see which style you like and what fits in with the style of your room. See which material suits your lifestyle. If you have children or pets, you may be better off choosing a sturdy luxury side table from Serax. Or if you have less space, you can opt for a slimmer table from Scapa Home.

Discover our luxurious side tables

Our luxurious side tables contribute to your living comfort and give a chic look to your interior. Are you looking for a modern metal or wooden side table? Or are you looking for an elegant side table that you can use as a bedside table? In both cases we have several exclusive options at Amber Interiors. Your new piece of furniture can be a real eye-catcher when it contrasts with your furnishings.View not only our side tables, but also our range exclusive stools and luxury poufs . These are versatile and can be used on their own or in combination with your side table.