<tc>Collection</tc>: Luxury Scented Candles

Give your home a warm atmosphere with luxurious scented candles. The exclusive scented candles at Amber Interiors not only fill your space with gorgeous scents, but the stylish vessels also contribute to a stylish interior. Ideal for relaxing after a long day or for welcoming your guests in a warm environment. Are you looking for luxurious scented candles? Take a look at our exclusive range!


Luxury Scented Candles

Luxury fragrances

At Amber Interiors we offer an extensive selection of luxurious scents, so there is something for everyone! Do you enjoy spicy, woody aromas? Then our Zanzibar fragrance from ONNO might be something for you. But if you prefer citrus notes, green tea, and a refreshing scent, Sage could be a better choice. From subtle scents of the ginger collection to the sultry scents of the sunset collection, we have it all. Each of these luxurious scented candles smells wonderful. So you really can't make a wrong choice with the luxurious scented candles from ONNO and Scapa Home

Luxury scented candles with quality glassware

Besides the fact that the luxurious scented candles at Amber Interiors smell wonderful, they also look beautiful. The scented candles from ONNO are cast in artisanal hand-blown glassware. A must have for your interior! The hand-blown glassware can be used as a vase or object after use, which underlines the sustainability of the brand. Each ONNO candle is unique because everything is made by hand, so you can easily add something very luxurious and unique to your home!

Combine luxury fragrance sets

Because the luxurious scented candles from ONNO are unique and come in multiple sizes, you can put them together beautifully to create a playful, but luxurious decoration. In addition to being able to combine it visually, you can also perfectly enhance the scents at Scapa Home. At Scapa Home you not only have delicious scented candles, but a wide range of delicious scents that enhance each other.

Luxury scented candles in your favorite places

With the luxurious scented candles from Amber Interiors you can make your favorite places in the house even cozier. These luxurious candles have such a pleasant scent that they add atmosphere to any room in your home. You can place a scented candle on your bedside table to relax in bed with a book in the evening. If you want to enjoy these beautiful candles with the whole family, you can place a candle on your luxury coffee table in the living room. A scented candle set from ONNO also completes your warm shower or bubble bath. There are endless options to let these wonderful scented candles bring atmosphere to your favorite places, even if you don't light them.

Luxury scented candles as a gift

A luxurious scented candle can be a nice gift for anyone. Young and old can enjoy a delicious scented candle, making them perfect as a gift. The nice thing about the ONNO scented candles is that they are all unique, so you also give a unique gift. The scented candles from Scapa Home are also incredibly luxurious, so you can buy a whole set right away. The collection of scents is wide and you can also give the same scent in luxury fragrance sticks to make it completely delicious!

Luxury scented candles at Amber Interiors

At Amber Interiors you will find many different scents and models of luxury scented candles. Not only do we sell scented candles, but also... luxury fragrance sticks to keep your home smelling clean and fresh. With our candles you not only have a wonderful scent, but also a beautiful decoration for your windowsill or side table. You can order the most delicious scented candles from Amber Interiors.