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In the world of interior design and functionality, luxury storage racks are number one. They are too beautiful to hide away in a garage, a basement or a utility room. The design storage racks from Amber Interiors are designed in such a way that, in addition to function, they are a feast for the eyes and so they can be given a prominent place in your interior.  


The stylish organization of a luxury storage rack

Because luxury storage racks are so beautifully designed these days, they can be seen in our interior. Do you want to use it as a bookcase? Or as a china cabinet for your luxurious crockery and cutlery or exclusive glass vases? Maybe you go for a low model as a side table or console in the living room, or do you opt for a storage rack as a centerpiece and therefore as an eye-catcher in your study room?

In addition to the design, something else that has changed over time is the way we use these storage racks. The period in which we only wanted to store and organize our things functionally is over. Not only do we attach much more value to exclusive furniture, we also attach more value to the things we want to store in it. Whether it concerns plates, bowls and wine bottles in the kitchen, lantern, books and photo frames in the living room or plaids and storage baskets in the guest room. Even the firewood for the fireplace can be seen in a luxurious wood storage rack because of the atmosphere of this designer furniture. The storage racks from Amber Interiors, designed by the beautiful Belgian Scapa Home, fit into any interior style. From high and low storage racks to a designer wood storage rack. Inspired by sleek, classic shapes, the collection is defined by simple silhouettes and refined restraint. The clear geometric profiles are manufactured in angular metal frame supports. Whether you are a lover of minimalist modernism, classic elegance or eclectic flair, our designer storage racks meet your practical needs.

The durability of exclusive storage racks

The need to make products more sustainable is increasing. This also applies to our luxury storage racks. They are manufactured with environmental friendliness in mind. Our design storage racks are made according to traditional methods and have a refined finish. They can be used for many purposes, so they do not get boring quickly, such as placing them in your living room, study room, hall, etc. But also due to the use of high-quality materials such as powder-coated metal and production methods with minimal impact on the environment, the quality is fantastic and the storage racks remain beautiful. This means you won't need to replace it as quickly. Which, besides being good for the environment, is also good for your wallet.

Buy a designer storage rack?

We have now discovered that we no longer have to compromise on design if we want to redecorate or reorganize our home. The luxury storage racks from Amber Interiors are both functional and visually appealing. So whether you go for a low model or a high model, the storage racks from our collection are worth seeing. However, you may not yet have decided on the size or you may not know exactly where you want to place the storage rack. Or you have another question? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@amber-interiors.com. Wij we are happy to help you and we think it is just as important as you do that this exclusive piece of furniture is in the right place.