<tc>Collection</tc>: Luxury table lamps

A luxurious table lamp is the ideal way to make your house cozy. Due to the endless options in colors and sizes of table lamps at Amber Interiors, there is a perfect lamp for everyone. From bedside table to desk, you can place them anywhere for a little extra atmosphere. At Amber Interiors you will find the most exclusive table lamps for your home. 

Luxury table lamps

Table lamps at Amber Interiors

At Amber Interiors we have a beautiful collection Scapa Home table lamps. From modern black or white designs to classic red lamps, you will find the most luxurious table lamps here. By Scapa Home you can combine it with a attractive wall lamp transform your home into the most cozy room in your home.

Versatility of table lamps

Table lamps have many functions besides just providing light. Table lamps can be used to fill an empty desk or table without it looking cluttered. You can choose a subtle lamp that fits perfectly in the room, or a statement piece. There are many options in lamp types if you only care about light, but no type of lamp can create a cozy atmosphere like well-placed table lamps from our exclusive collection. By cleverly placing the lamps in the room, the atmosphere of the room will become a lot cozier, especially in contrast to when you use a ceiling lamp.

Types of table lamps

Table lamps with a dimmer are the most diverse table lamps. They offer the option to adjust the brightness of the light, this ensures that they are suitable for any ambience. For example, you can place them in the living room to make it nice and cozy in the evening. Decorative lamps are designed to make a statement. You can find them in many shapes and colors and fit nicely on, for example, a luxury coffee table where they can really stand out. Serax lamps are striking and colorful and really grab attention. They serve as decoration even when not in use. Desk lamps or table lamps are specially made for a desk or workspace. They often have adjustable arms and hoods to direct them where you need them. They are also ideal on your bedside table to use as a reading lamp