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With the luxurious tables from Amber Interiors you can be sure that you will furnish your home stylishly. Are you looking for that perfect coffee table, a statement side table or a beautiful console? At Amber Interiors, exclusivity, style, craftsmanship and quality are central. Take a look at our beautifully curated collection of luxury tables.

The function of luxury tables

Before you start looking online for the ideal luxury table, the most important question is of course what function this table will have. Are you looking for a dining table for the kitchen or dining room? Or do you need a coffee table for the seating area? And if you are looking for a side table, wonder whether it will only accommodate a cup of coffee or a glass of wine? Or do you need a little more space for a book or a scented candle, for example? Once you know where you are going to place this exclusive table, the search can begin.

Exclusive tables and their quality

To be included in the exclusive Amber Interiors table collection, these tables must meet a number of requirements. To start with, the table of your dreams must of course be a feast for the eyes. A timeless design is essential. But you won't get there without craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Our professionals know all the materials and how to handle them. They are driven to deliver beautiful products and, just like us, they don't settle for less. The high-quality materials give our tables a refined and exclusive finish. For high-quality materials, think of solid oak, the most beautiful types of marble or handmade ceramics. But sustainability is also of paramount importance to us. Our luxury tables are made of such good quality that they are less likely to need replacing. Better for the environment and better for our wallets.

Not the luxury table, but taking the plunge

Even though you have thoroughly researched all the exclusive tables and know where you are going to place the table, you may still have some questions. Do you need advice about which size would be appropriate in the space or are you unsure about the color? At Amber Interiors we are happy to give you that little bit of extra advice. It makes us just as happy as you do if the new purchase is a bull's-eye. Email us at info@amber-interiors.com and we will be happy to make the decision with you!