<tc>Collection</tc>: MODERN SHAPES EDITIONS

Amber Interiors collaborates with the renowned Modern Shapes Gallery to offer you these exclusive and highly decorative limited edition art objects. Modern Shapes Gallery specializes in unique contemporary and modern sculpture.


MODER SHAPES EDITIONS limited edition sculptures

MODERN SHAPES EDITIONS is part of Modern Shapes Gallery and offers handmade editions of unique sculptures by leading international artists. First launched in September 2022, these editions are a compelling and ever-changing collection of contemporary sculptures.

These limited editions are located at the crossroads between design, art and architecture. Each exclusive sculpture is intimately linked to these related worlds. These timeless art objects are available in open or limited editions and will greatly enrich your interior and make it more personal.

The design and creation process of the luxury images of Modern Shapes editions

These art editions feature creations from a carefully curated diverse selection of artists. The artists come from all over the world and have different skills and backgrounds. Some are still young artists, while others have already made a name for themselves. All artists share a passion for creating images in natural or artificial materials, which naturally lend themselves to transformation into wooden editions.

Modern Shapes Editions are each sculpture licensed from the original artist and handcrafted by talented artisans in Central Java, Indonesia. This studio was first opened in 1999 and is rightly regarded as one of the best woodworking workshops in the world, with dedicated craftsmen who are highly skilled in woodworking.

Today the studio employs a professional team of more than 200 craftsmen: highly skilled sculptors, woodworkers and carpenters. Thanks to their incredible skills and know-how, proudly passed on from generation to generation, the team succeeds in transferring the original sculptures of the chosen artists onto another medium: wood. Together they create highly sought-after art objects and sculptures with lasting appeal.

Amber Interiors curated selection of exclusive art objects

Amber Interiors has made a selection of the masterpieces from this sculptures collection and proudly offers you these exclusive artisanal works of art that will bring about a true metamorphosis in your interior. If you are looking for a beautiful pedestal or console to give your new work of art a stage and make it even better, look here. The exclusive wooden sculptures are fantastic to purchase for yourself or to give as a gift as a lasting memory of a special moment.