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Sculpture 'Extrusion Square' - Lucien Petit

Sculpture 'Extrusion Square' - Lucien Petit

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Beautifully executed wooden statue 'Extrusion Square' in mahogany with hickory wax. This is a handmade edition of a unique sculpture by Lucien Petit, a leading French artist. These limited editions are located at the intersection of design, art and architecture.

This work shows his interest in architecture structured by the binary oppositions of full and empty, form and counter-form, elevation and collapse, convex and concave.

This statue is available in black waxed mahogany wood and available within 2 weeks.

Each sculpture comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Lucien Petit is a French sculptor trained in industrial ceramics. His manufacturing technique, artistic potential and philosophy have all influenced his work. Petit's early work consisted of small, rudimentary houses and shelters. This theme of living and residence continues to influence his sculptures in a more abstract, yet powerful way, as well as his interest in the broader theme of architecture and construction.

Lucien Petit nowadays mainly works with stone. Geometry determines the contours of his sculptures, which are characteristic of the Avant-Garde and Brutalism. These monolithic works are often characterized by the binary oppositions of full and empty, form and counter-form, elevation and collapse, convex and concave, mineral and organic.

The artist's most recent works show characteristics of anthropomorphism and abstraction. The sober silhouettes and rough surfaces of these works of art lend themselves well to Modern shapes Editions.

Lucien Petit was born in 1957 in Sancerre, France. He lives and works just outside La Borne. This village has an ancient history of pottery making and is now a thriving community of ceramic artists.



mahogany wood with hickory wax




38 cm wide x 23 cm deep x 65 cm high

Maintenance information

Do not place in the sun. Wipe with a damp cloth.

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