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These fun, small, versatile furniture items are both functional and decorative, adding an interesting dynamic and style to the space. They can be used as side tables next to a sofa or armchair, to place your favourite books on, or scented candles and other decorative accessories. They also provide a convenient place to place a cup of coffee or glass of wine while relaxing. Stools, on the other hand, can serve as extra seating for guests, or even as a footstool for relaxing. By choosing samples and stools that match the style of your interior, you can add a personal touch to the space while offering functionality and flexibility. View our beautiful collection of, among others, Scapa Home and Serax.


Buy a stool? A functional and decorative addition to your interior

Choosing an appropriate luxury stool can have a significant impact on the style of your interior. Regardless of your preference for a sleek, modern style or a classic, timeless look, a luxurious stool is an excellent addition to your home. Stools can be both functional and decorative. At Amber Interiors we offer a wide range of options, ranging from elegantly designed stools to comfortably seated models. All stools have in common that they are made with excellent materials. Do you want to upgrade a beautiful stool in your living room or kitchen with a luxury bar stool? With our luxurious stools you can effortlessly add an element of elegance to your home or office. Our ceramic stools are also nice to use outside in the summer as extra seating or as a side table.

Choosing the right luxury stool

Want to buy a luxury stool? When considering purchasing a luxury stool, there are some important aspects to consider. First determine the location where the stool will be placed. Whether in a kitchen bar, a home office or as a stylish accent in the living room. The location greatly influences the style and height of the stool. Therefore, first look at the location where you want to place the stools! Then look at the design and materials used. Luxury stools are available in a wide spectrum of styles and materials. In our range you will find, for example, ceramic stools and stools made of powder-coated metal. Comfort is also an important factor; a good quality stool provides both visual appeal and comfort, even with extended use. If comfort is the most important factor in your consideration, we recommend that you also take a look at our luxury poufs. Finally, pay attention to the finish and details that give each stool a unique character. With these considerations, you can make an informed choice that brings both style and comfort.

What makes a stool a 'luxury' stool?

A luxury stool distinguishes itself because we use high-quality materials, such as handmade ceramics, fine leather and premium oak wood. In addition, it is characterized by a unique design, superior comfort and often handmade details. Luxury stools combine aesthetics and functionality, adding a sophisticated touch to any space.

Are your luxury stools sustainable?

Yes, all our luxury stools are designed with sustainability in mind. They are made with high quality materials that are not only long lasting but also able to withstand everyday use. Many of our luxurious Serax stools also have a timeless design, making them a stylish addition to your interior for years to come.

What should I pay attention to when buying a luxury stool online?

When buying a luxury stool online, it is important to pay attention to the dimensions, materials, and of course the customer reviews. Make sure that the dimensions fit the space for which you are purchasing the stool. Please view photos and read descriptions carefully to get a good idea of ​​the materials and workmanship. Customer reviews can also provide valuable insights into the quality and comfort of the stool.