ONNO Collection - het Belgische ‘haute parfumerie’ kaarsenmerk onder de luxe geurkaarsen

ONNO Collection - the Belgian 'haute perfumery' candle brand among luxury scented candles

Spring has only just started, but with this exclusive brand of scented candles you can already bring the summer into your home - by Amber Interiors

A scented candle is a scented candle, you would think. But nothing is further away from the truth. There are big differences in quality when it comes to burning a candle that not only fills the room with atmospheric light, but also with a fragrant perfume.

ONNO Collection was born in Tanzania, where designer Ilse Vandeputte travelled for her 20th wedding anniversary. Ilse instantly fell in love with the country of Tanzania. She was fascinated by the rich, warm colours of nature and the spicy scent of the sun-baked earth and lush flowers. Ilse experienced the feeling of being at home there. She remembers that feeling so vividly: 'a magical feeling of security and tranquility, but at the same time the feeling of excitement as I discovered the rich scents and enchanting textures of the magical land'. She had traveled thousands of miles to feel this sense of belonging. That's how she discovered her true passion - capturing this magical feeling in an inviting scent and the soft glow of a candle. Ilse chose the perfumes that evoke the same feeling as the spices and warm scents during her stay in Tanzania.

She combined them with the delicate scents that are reminiscent of the beauty of exotic places. 

Fortunately, you don't have to travel thousands of kilometers to really feel at home. It was one of her dreams to capture and pass on this magical feeling of security; to bring the intense warm scent and that irresistible feeling into everyone's home. We, at Amber Interiors, can say that she succeeded!

With more than 25 years of experience in developing frangrances, Ilse Vandeputte has become a real 'nose' who uses only the highest quality raw materials for which ONNO Collection is praised worldwide. The roots of ONNO Collection lie in 'haute perfumery'; they specialise in delicately blending high-quality ingredients to create these unique and intriguing perfumes.

These handmade, exclusive scented candles from ONNO Collection are crafted in Belgium with craftsmanship in mouth-blown glassware with mineral wax and Egyptian cotton wicks. This special craftsmanship gives the glass another dimension and different shades of unique, intense colors. Such a warm effect from a burning candle is unique in the world. It makes ONNO's scented candles of unparalleled quality, which last a very long time. These scented candles are not just any candle; they are works of art in themselves. All designs are inspired by nature and tell their own story. The mouth-blown glassware can be used as a vase or object after use, which underlines the sustainability of the brand.

Once you get used to the refined perfumes, your interiors scheme will no longer feel complete without the scented candles from ONNO Collections. They are the finishing touch to complete your interior. Come home, take a deep breath and enjoy the aroma of ONNO Collection candles. Let the summer begin! View the ONNO Collection online at at Amber Interiors

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