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To add atmosphere and style to a room, luxurious lighting is indispensable. The lighting in a room really determines the atmosphere. At Amber Interiors we think it is very important that in addition to the function of lighting, they are a true addition to your house in terms of style. The lighting collection we have selected meets both requirements. Take a look into our world of exclusive lighting.


The harmony of style and function in luxury lighting

Luxury lighting goes so much further than simply illuminating a space. In the world of interior design, lighting plays a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere and emphasizing the aesthetics of the space. To emphasize how important this exclusive lighting is, we will delve deeper into the lighting plan. A very important part of building and renovating homes. Nowadays, the lighting plan is more the rule than the exception and, in addition to serving as a basic function, it serves as an artistic element that can enhance the personality of the room. One of the main benefits of luxury lighting is the ability to customize a space. And that is exactly the intention of the lighting plan. Whether it concerns dimmable built-in LED spotlights to add extra atmosphere in the bathroom, or an impressive chandelier above the dining table, luxurious lighting offers diversity in design options. It enables both designers and residents to create a unique and distinctive atmosphere that suits their personal taste.

Trends in luxury lighting

Just like in other interior areas, luxury lighting is constantly evolving. The biggest changes are also the trends. The most notable trends in this area are: 1. Minimalist design As in the rest of the interior design world, minimalism remains a powerful trend. Luxury lighting also follows this trend. Clean lines, simple shapes and high-quality materials such as brass and powder-coated metal come together to create a refined appearance. 2. Use of natural materials Designers are increasingly focusing on sustainability and the use of natural materials. Luxury lighting made from materials such as wood, ceramics, marble and linen not only provides an exclusive look. The choice of these natural materials also contributes to an environmentally conscious approach to design. 3. Smart Lighting With the rise of smart technologies, lighting is becoming increasingly intelligent. Luxury lighting systems today can be integrated with smart home networks, allowing residents to adjust the intensity, color and even shape of light even when they are away from home using smartphone apps or voice-activated assistants. 4. Traditional craftsmanship Luxury lighting embraces traditional craftsmanship. Handmade fixtures, with attention to detail and precision, add an exclusive and personal element to the lighting in the room.

The impact of lighting on atmosphere

The choice for exclusive lighting goes beyond just aesthetic considerations. Lighting has a significant influence on the atmosphere of a room. Different types of lighting can evoke different moods. Atmospheric lighting such as luxurious wall lamps or table lamps with soft, warm tones can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Perfect for the living room, for example, often the center of a house, where luxurious lighting can be a real eye-catcher. An imposing chandelier or a striking floor lamp can transform the space and add a sense of grandeur. Atmospheric lighting also provides a soothing and relaxing ambiance in the bedroom. They can have an elegant effect here. Functional lighting is very important in work spaces such as offices or kitchens. Hanging lamps above the kitchen island or LED strips under the cupboards contribute to a well-lit and stylish kitchen environment. Accent lighting is essential to accentuate paintings, works of art or special pieces of furniture. This can be achieved with recessed spotlights, uplights or focused spotlights.Do you need help determining the right lighting? At Amber Interiors we are ready to help you choose lighting that suits your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us at info@amber-interiors.com.