Modern Shapes Editions - Hoe style ik mijn  exclusieve kunstobject als ‘pièce de résistance’

Modern Shapes Editions - How do I style my exclusive art object as a 'pièce de résistance'

With well styled beautiful sculptures, you make a statement in your home - by Amber Interiors


When you have bought or received a special art object as a wedding gift or as a housewarming gift, the big question is: how do you style and integrate these art objects into my interior so that they really stand out? Art is not only a visual expression of creativity, but it is also a way to add personality and character to your interior.

1. Focus on space

Before you start styling your exclusive art object, it is very important to understand the space in which you want to place this object. So focus on the space. Are there any architectural features? What is the layout of the room? What are the colours on the walls? And where does the natural light come from? The aim is to create a harmonious whole in which this precious piece comes into its own.

2. Create contrast 

Exclusive art objects can come to life even more when placed opposite contrasting elements in the room. Consider placing a modern work of art in a classically decorated room. Or a colourful painting against a neutral background. The contrast between the art and the environment will draw attention to the artwork itself.

3. Add layering

An interesting and playful way to style exclusive art objects is by adding layers around this special object. This can be achieved by combining different works of art in, for example, a gallery wall or by placing art objects at different heights. This layering creates depth and texture, which enhances the visual effect.

4. Play with scale

By playing with scale you can create a powerful effect when styling your art object. For example, combine a large sculpture with smaller works of art, or place an oversized painting next to or behind a smaller art object. Creating contrast in scale creates visual tension and makes the art objects stand out.

5. Create a story

Exclusive art objects can serve as 'conversation pieces' and can tell a story about your personality, interests and travels. Combine different works of art that complement each other and tell a special story. This can be enhanced by the use of themes, colors or styles that together form a whole.

6. Lighting as an accent

Lighting plays a crucial role in accentuating exclusive art objects. Soft ambient lighting can be used to create a warm atmosphere around the art objects. While the use of targeted spotlights or built-in lighting can highlight the works of art and bring out their details.

7. Mix of materials

Experiment with a mix of materials when styling luxury art objects. For example, combine a wooden sculpture with a metal stand, or place a stone art object on a wooden stable. By combining different materials you add texture and depth and create a fascinating visual contrast.

8. Make a statement

If you have an exclusive art object that really stands out, make it a statement piece. Place it in a prominent location, such as above the fireplace, in the hall on a pedestal, solitary on a console or in a niche. By giving the art object the space and attention it deserves, a statement is immediately created.

Exclusive art objects are the highlight of an interior and can transform the interior from ordinary to extraordinary. By paying attention to the space, creating contrasts, adding layers and playing with materials and textures, you can enhance the beauty and exclusivity of the art objects. You can turn your beautiful art object into a 'pièce de résistance' in no time.

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